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SubjectRe: 2.5.63-mm2
2.5.63-mm2 gave the oops below running dbench 192.

Quad P3 Xeon
3.75 GB Ram
ext3 filesystems for most things.
ext2 filesystem for testing.
SCSI disks.
Using anticipatory scheduler.

kernel BUG at drivers/block/as-iosched.c:188!
invalid operand: 0000
CPU: 1
EIP: 0060:[put_as_io_context+17/64] Not tainted
EIP: 0060:[<c0257191>] Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010046
EIP is at put_as_io_context+0x11/0x40
eax: 00000000 ebx: f7e5c968 ecx: 00000000 edx: f6c08500
esi: f7e5c968 edi: 00000000 ebp: 00000001 esp: c3671f10
ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
Process events/1 (pid: 11, threadinfo=c3670000 task=c36772e0)
Stack: f6c08760 c0257267 f7e5c968 c372f278 f7e5c8c0 c0257937 f7e5c968 c372f290
f7e5c8c0 c372f278 00000000 c0258091 f7e5c8c0 c372f278 c37c1200 00000287
f7fe20a0 c37c1200 c02581e6 f7e5c8c0 c02510ce c37c1200 c0252905 c37c1200
Call Trace:
[copy_as_io_context+39/48] copy_as_io_context+0x27/0x30
[<c0257267>] copy_as_io_context+0x27/0x30
[as_move_to_dispatch+71/144] as_move_to_dispatch+0x47/0x90
[<c0257937>] as_move_to_dispatch+0x47/0x90
[as_dispatch_request+417/432] as_dispatch_request+0x1a1/0x1b0
[<c0258091>] as_dispatch_request+0x1a1/0x1b0
[as_queue_notready+38/64] as_queue_notready+0x26/0x40
[<c02581e6>] as_queue_notready+0x26/0x40
[elv_queue_empty+14/32] elv_queue_empty+0xe/0x20
[<c02510ce>] elv_queue_empty+0xe/0x20
[generic_unplug_device+69/112] generic_unplug_device+0x45/0x70
[<c0252905>] generic_unplug_device+0x45/0x70
[worker_thread+458/656] worker_thread+0x1ca/0x290
[<c01281ba>] worker_thread+0x1ca/0x290
[blk_unplug_work+0/16] blk_unplug_work+0x0/0x10
[<c0252930>] blk_unplug_work+0x0/0x10
[default_wake_function+0/32] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[<c0117680>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[ret_from_fork+6/20] ret_from_fork+0x6/0x14
[<c0108e5e>] ret_from_fork+0x6/0x14
[default_wake_function+0/32] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[<c0117680>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[worker_thread+0/656] worker_thread+0x0/0x290
[<c0127ff0>] worker_thread+0x0/0x290
[kernel_thread_helper+5/16] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0x10
[<c01070e5>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0x10

Code: 0f 0b bc 00 73 69 35 c0 f0 ff 0a 0f 94 c0 84 c0 74 14 f0 ff

dbench 64 completed 5 times before this. The first dbench 192
completed okay too (based on logfile). Oops came during 2nd dbench
192 run.

After rebooting, I noticed a load average while the system was
supposed to be idle:

$ uptime
4:30pm up 50 min, 2 users, load average: 4.00, 3.97, 3.82

$ ps aux|grep D[W]
root 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 15:40 0:00 [migration/0]
root 4 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 15:40 0:00 [migration/1]
root 6 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 15:40 0:00 [migration/2]
root 8 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 15:40 0:00 [migration/3]

Things in .config that were not in 2.5.62-mm2: (2.5.62-mm2 was fine on this machine)

No jfs or xfs filesystems were mounted at the time of oops nor
when migration/N was in DW state.

Randy Hron

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