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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5.63] Teach page_mapped about the anon flag
Dave McCracken <> wrote:
> --On Monday, March 03, 2003 13:35:39 -0800 Andrew Morton <>
> wrote:
> > We do need a patch I think. page_mapped() is still assuming that an
> > all-bits-zero atomic_t corresponds to a zero-value atomic_t.
> >
> > This does appear to be true for all supported architectures, but it's a
> > bit grubby.
> If that's ever not true then we need extra code to initialize/rezero that
> field, since we assume it's zero on alloc, and the pte_chain code also
> assumes it's zero for a new page.

Well why not make mapcount an "int" and move the places where it is modified
inside pte_chain_lock()?

That does not increase the number of atomic operations, and it makes me stop
wondering if this:

if (atomic_read(&page->pte.mapcount) == 0)

is racy ;)

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