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SubjectRe: Problem with aacraid driver in 2.5.63-bk-latest
On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 10:05, Christoffer Hall-Frederiksen wrote:
> I've tried this one on linux-scsi but to no avail, here is a resend to
> lkml.
> I have a dell poweredge 1650 with a perc3/DI raid controller. When the
> AACRAID driver loads it prints the following lines:
> AAC0: kernel 2.7.4 build 3170
> AAC0: monitor 2.7.4 build 3170
> AAC0: bios 2.7.0 build 3170
> AAC0: serial 0b9c810d3
> scsi0 : percraid

Its freezing after setup somewhere. There have been a lot of scsi changes
and not all of them are ones I've checked with aacraid. The osdl guys have
actually done pretty much all the work so far.

First things to try

Does it hang with SMP/Pre-empt off
Where does the nmi lockbreaker show it hanging

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