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SubjectRe: very poor performance in 2.5.66[-mm1]

On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, David Mansfield wrote:

> Yes. gnome-terminal is godawful slow on RHAT 8.0 (it does Xrender
> alpha-channel crap for every character to get the anti-aliasing). But I
> think the problem has to do with the pipe/pty wakeups. After 'ls'
> writes a line to the pty, it seems as though the gnome-terminal is being
> woken up (even though 'ls' has more to write), it's generating the
> Xrender X-command and sending it to X. X is waking up and rendering it
> (which forces a complete update of the screen).

this is a known bug in vte, fixed in the rawhide vte package. (you might
need to upgrade other packages as well.) Eg. try another, non-gnome-vte
based terminal, such as xterm or konsole, it wont show this problem.


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