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    SubjectRe: lm sensors sysfs file structure
    On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 07:40:26PM +0100, Jan Dittmer wrote:
    > Greg KH wrote:
    > >That would give us one value per file, use no floating point in the
    > >kernel (fake or not) and generally make things a whole lot more orderly.
    > >Also, if a sensor does not have a max value (for example, I don't really
    > >know if this is true), instead of having to fake a value, it can just
    > >not create the file. Then userspace can easily detect this is not
    > >supported, and is not a placeholder value.
    > >
    > Is this the way you want to go? Just an example for the voltages.

    That looks very good to me, nice job.

    Sensors developers, does this look sane?

    > Btw, is it indended behaviour of sysfs, that after writing to a file,
    > the size is zero?

    Hm, don't know about that, I haven't seen that before. If you cat the
    file after writing it, does the file size change?


    greg k-h
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