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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ptrace on stopped processes (2.4)
    On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 10:48:42AM -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
    > Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
    > > No, that's not what I meant. When you attach using GDB, there is no
    > > way for GDB to determine if the process was previously stopped or
    > > running.
    > Likewise, there's a race condition with any other concurrent use
    > of SIGSTOP.
    > Perhaps one could introduce a PTRACE_ATTACH2 that uses "addr" to
    > indicate the signal that should be used to sychronize attaching.
    > That way, programs that use STOP/CONT for their own purposes could
    > be attached to with ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH2,pid,SIGTRAP,0), or such.
    > If the process is already stopped, the debugger would be notified
    > with WSTOPSIG set to that signal instead of SIGTRAP.

    Have you got an example that needs this? I'm not terribly concerned;
    GDB's handling of SIGSTOP has always been pretty bad. Strace is a bit

    Daniel Jacobowitz
    MontaVista Software Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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