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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] potential dereference of user pointer errors

"David S. Miller" <> writes:

> On Mon, 2003-03-24 at 14:28, Raja R Harinath wrote:
>> Something like
>> /* struct user_space should never be defined. */
>> typedef struct user_space user_space;
>> int copy_to_user (user_space *to, char *from, size_t len);
>> int copy_from_user (char *to, user_space *from, size_t len);
>> /* ... */
>> ({ \
>> BUG_ON(get_fs() != get_gs()); \
>> (user_space *)p; \
>> })
> A great idea, we'd need to use this struct user_space at every
> system call,

Which is good, I think. It annotates the source.

> and it doesn't work to well when pointers are embedded inside of a
> structure.

I don't understand this point. 'struct user_space' will never be
defined. The C compiler ensure that 'struct user_space *p' cannot be
dereferenced then, since it will be a pointer to an incomplete type.

I don't see any difference between

struct foo { char *p; };


struct foo { user_space *p; };

in terms of the code generated. (On second reading, I don't think
this was your point though).

- Hari
Raja R Harinath ------------------------------

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