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Subject[CHECKER] 1 potential double unlock error

It's in net/3c505.c. Please help us to confirm or clarify. Thanks.


[BUG] if timeouts, will double unlock

ERROR:LOCK:432:467:double unlock &(*adapter).lock[TRANS: &(*adapter).lock,
locked->unlocked, /home/junfeng/linux-2.5.63/drivers/net/3c505.c,
send_pcb, 446]

set_hsf(dev, 0);

if (send_pcb_slow(dev->base_addr, pcb->command))
goto abort;

Start --->
spin_lock_irqsave(&adapter->lock, flags);

... DELETED 29 lines ...

if (elp_debug >= 1)
printk("%s: timeout waiting for PCB acknowledge (status
%02x)\n", dev->name, inb_status(dev->base_addr));

Error --->
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&adapter->lock, flags);
adapter->send_pcb_semaphore = 0;
return FALSE;

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