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    SubjectRe: Ptrace hole / Linux 2.2.25
    Jörn Engel wrote:

    >On Sun, 23 March 2003 14:38:10 -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
    >>- Anyone can go and release their own or 2.4.20-sec or
    >> whatever if they feel strongly about it
    >>Just go do it. If someone wants to be a contact point for build existing
    >>base kernels + published security fix trees I'm pretty sure
    >>would host them too.
    >Sounds like a good idea. Ideal would be a person with a lottle
    >knowledge about security or at least, about this particular patch.
    >I would volunteer, if noone else does. But just about anyone would be
    >closer to that ideal person, so consider me to be the last resort.

    I think a solution like this would be best, having a "-fix" tree or
    similar for
    the latest stable kernel maintained by a volunteer and hosted by

    Optionally or alternatively there could/should be a mailinglist (yes,
    one more
    :-) where all critical fixes like sec + fs fixes, etc. are posted to, for
    people building their own kernels (and interested in staying up-to-date)
    not willing/having the time/able to dig through the tons of emails
    brought by
    Cause I think if you're not an active kernel developer or having some
    with running a kernel, or like me, just interested and still learning to
    understand linux kernel programming in the far future ;-) you shouldn't have
    to read lkml just for building and maintaining your own, none-vendor
    Btw, if you had to, I think there might even be the danger of loosing some
    critical fixes in the loads of emails.


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