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SubjectRe: [BUG] nfs client stuck in D state in linux 2.4.17 - 2.4.21-pre5
>>>>> " " == Vladimir Serov <> writes:

> Trond Myklebust wrote:
>>>>>>> " " == Vladimir Serov <> writes:

>> > interrupt handler for NIC, it's gone !!! IMHO this is due to
>> > the race in the nfs client.
>> Why would an NFS race show up only on PPC? Do you have a
>> tcpdump?

> Hi , Trond As I wrote , another persone has similar problems on
> PC's, as to me it was a big suprise to see such a problem in

No that wasn't the same problem. IIRC that other person had faulty
hardware. To my knowledge, there are no outstanding problems with
hangs under 2.4.x.

> nfs, cause i'm using it for over 10 yers in a different
> setups's OS's , etc. Yes I have tcpdump , and as i wrote,
> nothing wrong is going on with packet receiption, where is now
> corrupted packets , no error messages, NOTHING !!!! Just RPC

Can I see that tcpdump in order to judge that for myself?

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