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SubjectRe: reiserfs oops [2.5.65]

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 01:24:09PM +0000, Dave Jones wrote:
> > Hm, very interesting. Thank you.
> > I've seen this once too, but on kernel patched with lots of unrelated and
> > possibly memory corrupting stuff.
> > I will look at it more closely.
> > BTW, it oopsed not in find. Is your box SMP?
> Same box committed seppuku overnight, this time in a different way.

Hm, am I missing something?
So it died in the morning yesterday, but before that it died again? Or were those
two different nights? ;)

> There's lots of "slab error in cache_alloc_debugcheck_after()"
> warnings. cache reiser_inode_cache memory after object was overwritten

This second oops and first BUG you quoted indicate that internal slab structures
(I think second oops happened in the middle of list_del) were corrupted, not
the guarded data itself.
At least I think so.
Can I take a look at your .config?

Thank you.

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