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    SubjectRe: small devfs patch for 2.5.65, plan to replace /sbin/hotplug
    On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 01:40:48AM -0800, Adam J. Richter wrote:
    > There have been some devfs clean ups in the stock kernels
    > since 2.5.63, so here is a patch so that people have a version
    > that applies cleanly:

    A bunch of comments:

    - your docs mention devfs_only() buts it's gone for good now
    - you removed the last users of devfs_alloc_devnum()/devfs_dealloc_devnum(),
    please remove the functionality aswell (not exported anyway)
    - is the conditional call to init_devfs_fs() in devfs_decode() really
    nessecary? I think one explicit call to it in the early boot
    process would be much better. If you don't like that at least
    mark it unlikely()
    - why do you raise the capablities in devfs_register() and
    devfs_mk_symlink() (but not devfs_mk_dir()!). I think any driver
    code actually calling that must run with raised privilegues already.
    - I think renaming base.c to interf{,ace}.c is a good idea. It's
    more descriptive and will make the diff a lot easier to read.

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