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SubjectRE: Deprecating .gz format on

'Sam Ravnborg' wrote:
> It is a convinient feature that I can download the kernel now and then
> when at work (no linux) - and it makes it a bit simpler to use
> an archiver that has native support for the format used.
> Winzip, being the only allowed archiver at work, does not
> have native bz2 support.
I asked WinZip for plugin support so users could add
arbitrary compressions formats (I specifically mentioned 'bz2').
I even offered to do it myself if they wanted to give me NDA access
to the code.... and was told that they have thought about
extensibility but had no plans to support it in the forseeable
future. Consider it a benefit of a closed source product.
They control your file format, they control your business and personal decisions...nice.

Anyone up for writing a Free version of Winzip to replace
the "cooperative" Winzip authors' version (was was up for making
minor mod's, but not starting from scratch).


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