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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kernel source spellchecker
Regarding these two cautious comments:

I wouldn't go that far. Better give a list of speling mistakes (file/line)
and fix them by hand. It won't need to be done more than occasionally, so
the overhead is not too bad. --Dr. Horst H. von Brand

It might also be worth adding a list of 'suspect' spellings -- which
require human intervention. Such items might include 'indices=indexes'
and 'erratum=errata' although you can't do it automatically because
sometimes the right-hand side is actually correct. --David Woodhouse

I fully agree.

I have tried to automatically spell-check long, complex texts for years,
with numerous algorithms; all of them fail for one reason or another,
and I find that the only proper way to do it is the tedious work by hand.

Even a single lost pun because of overenthusiastic spellchecking is
not worth the cleanup. I would prefer to see typos than lose a single
intentional 'misspelling'. It would be best if you posted all changes
somewhere so that they could be verified manually.

Consider the following:

alignmement is French; is this intentional?

konstants is German; is this intentional?

comsumer is a neologism:

is it a pun on something 'hidden' or is it something transformed?

is it descriptor or decrypter?

invokation is German; is this intentional?

negativ is a legitimate non-English word; is this intentional?

signalled is a legitimate alternate spelling of signaled.

succeded could also be a typo for 'succeed'

throught could also be a typo for 'thought'

writeable is a legitimate alternate spelling of writable

Thank you,


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