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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kernel source spellchecker
David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 04:16,
> 'Licenced' is not OK in the UK; it should be corrected to 'Licensed'.
> In the UK, 'licence' is a noun, 'license' is a verb -- just as with
> practice/practise and advice/advise etc. in both variants of the
> language.

Thanks for the info. BTW it looks like
is a good authority on whether a word is legal -- and now I understand
why it liked 'licence' but not 'licenced'.

> I think we also want to add:
> Decompressing=Uncompressing

I'd prefer to leave that one alone, it seems innocent enough for me.

> You should also refrain from 'correcting' the already-correct British
> spellings of 'modelled'.

OK. Any anti-british corrections are not by intent!

> It might also be worth adding a list of 'suspect' spellings -- which
> require human intervention. Such items might include 'indices=indexes'
> and 'erratum=errata' although you can't do it automatically because
> sometimes the right-hand side is actually correct.

Might be, but I'll leave that for another day. I'd rather focus
on correcting the uncontroversial and obvious howlers.

- Dan

Dan Kegel

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