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SubjectRe: [PATCH] limits on SCHED_FIFO tasks
Andrew Morton wrote:
> george anzinger <> wrote:
>>If the issue is regaining control after some RT task goes into a loop,
>>the way this is usually done is to keep a session around with a higher
>>priority. Using this concept, one might provide tools that, from
>>userland, insure that such a session exists prior to launching the
>>"suspect" code. I fail to see the need for this sort of code in the
> That works, until your shell calls ext3_mark_inode_dirty(), which blocks on
> kjournald activity. kjournald is SCHED_OTHER, and never runs...
That is classic priority inversion. It would be "nice" to find a fix
for that :) I think that the proposed action should not be triggered
until there is some "notice" that something is wrong. I suppose it
could be a watchdog timer of some sort. Still, if the priority
inversion issue were solved, all the rest could be done in user land.


George Anzinger
Preemption patch:

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