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Subject2.5.65: shutting down on 'shutdown -r now'
This has been happening for ages on my laptop. It's gotten to the stage
where I play a game with shutdown -r now in that if it shuts down I go
to sleep and if it resets then I play a game for a while longer. Been
getting a fair bit of sleep for a while now. :/

Essentially everything proceeds as normal and I see the 'Restarting
system.' message printed out by the kernel. Then the computer either
shuts down or it actually does a reboot. I have no idea what's causing
this but I can try some debugging maybe if that's what's wanted. My
.config is attached. Not sure what exactly is needed from it but it's
gzipped to keep it small.

Any help required, just yell out and I'll do my best. :)

"Other countries of course, bear the same risk. But there's no doubt his
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kill my dad."
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September 26, 2002 (from a political fundraiser in Houston, Texas)
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