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Subjectsystem hangs on wake_up call from IRQ handler

I am busy on writing a driver for a PCI Card. Amongst others my driver
includes an IOCTL command for starting a DMA transfer (user-->PCI card or
PCI card-->user). In my handler for this command I instruct the PciCard to
start a DMA transfer and than wait (sleep) for the DMA to complete. I wait
using the wait_event function, which waits for an event that is 'fired'
(wake_up) from the DMA done interrupt handler. As soon as I make the call to
wake_up, from the DMA done interrupt handler, my system hangs completely.

Does anyone have any idea why the system hangs on the wake-up from the
interrupt handler?

Below you will find some pseudo code for with the wait_event and the

// wait from DMA IOCTL handler
void Dta1xxTxIoCtlDma()

wait_event(my_wait_queue, ( 1==dma_done_flag) );


// wake_up from interrupt handler
void Dta1xxIRQ()
if ( IsDmaDoneInterruptSet() ) {
dma_done_flag = 1;

I am using linux kernel version 2.4.18.


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