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SubjectRe: select() stress
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Subject: Re: select() stress
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I cannot find a posix nor linux implementation of getdtablehi().

To get around it, I do the following:

int a =3D open("some_file_I_know_exists",O_RDWR);

then use a as the 1st param to select().

perhaps it ought to be a+1?


On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, DervishD wrote:

> Hi Richard, again :)
> In my last message I told you that getdtablesize() is not
> reliable for closing all file descriptors, that its return value is
> not necessarily related to the file descriptor index. Well, I forgot
> to say that getdtablehi() effectively returns the index for the
> largest file descriptor available to the process plus one, that is,
> perfect for using with 'select()' and for closing all open files:
> for(i=3D0; i<getdtablehi(); i++) close(i);
> Is this implemented under Linux? I have a piece of software that
> relies on the above (now it's written using getdtablesize(), which is
> non-correct as you noted) for closing all file descriptors...
> Thanks again for noting this, Richard :)
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