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SubjectRe: 2.5.6X & 2.5.59 Interactivity & XMMS audio skipping
Dana utorak 18. mart 2003. 11:49, Felipe Alfaro Solana je napisao/la:
> Hi,
> While playing with 2.5.65 and 2.5.64-mm8 I've been able
> to reproduce audio skipping with XMMS while moving a
> large window on my KDE desktop (no other CPU-bound
> process except "kdeinit" waking up periodically to steal
> 1-3% CPU). What's really curious is that after some time,
> the scheduler seems to adjust in such a way that I can't
> reproduce the audio skip anymore easily.
I do not have skipping, but if I play short samples eg. less than two
seconds, I get same sample repeated abot 7-8 times. Longer ones play OK
except last sec or two, than last two seconds which are repeated same way as
short samples.

This is happening since 2.5.59, but not in 2.5.52. 2.5.53-2.5.58 not tested.
Tanasković Toplica

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