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SubjectVM documentation

Yet another release in the usual places. The main reasons for the release
is a correction on the subject of vmalloc more than anything else and the
rearrangement of chapters to present the material in more logical order. I
am hoping there will only be one, or at most two more releases after this
before it's done and dusted (famous last words).

Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager

Code Commentary

Few important reasons for this release but still, it brings me closer to
just finalising it and releasing it fully.

1. Chapters have been rearranged a little so there should be no forward
references left and the material is handled in an "easier" order for
understanding it. Each chapter now has an introduction as well so it
isn't as clunky to read at parts

2. I messed up the explanation of vmalloc by saying pages are allocated at
fault time rather than saying that it is just the page tables for the
faulting process are synced with the master page tables. Pretty serious
mistake so anyone looking at vmalloc stuff should re-read

3. Minor correction on the explanation of try_to_free_pages() in the code
commentary. I now explain why it only frees up pages in ZONE_NORMAL

4. Loads of polish like font and grammar corrections. Minor mistake in
slab where I said /proc/cpuinfo instead of /proc/slabinfo and a few
others like that

Mel Gorman
MSc Student, University of Limerick
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