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SubjectRe: IDE 48 bit addressing causes data corruption
Alan Cox wrote:
> LBA48 support and UDMA100/133 support are unrelated to one another.
> There are controllers with one or the other, eg the older ALi can do
> UDMA133 but not LBA48

OK, looks bad for me.

Just for my interest:

Why does a certain IDE controller not support LBA48?

I always thought an IDE controller isn't more than some ISA-styled bus
with 3 address lines, 2 chip selects and special stuff for
DMA-transfers, together with very special timing generators for PIO-modes.

Whats the problem with these controllers? LBA48, i thought, isn't more
than writing the LBA-registers twice (because of the FIFO), and using
different commands for reading/writing (the _EXT functions).


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