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Subjectkconfig question
I have the following two entries in my Kconfig file (arch/v850/Kconfig):

# RTE_CB_NB85E can either have multi ROM support or not, but
# other platforms (currently only RTE_CB_MA1) require it.
prompt "Multi monitor ROM support" if RTE_CB_NB85E
depends RTE_CB
default y

bool "Pass illegal insn trap / dbtrap to kernel"
depends RTE_CB_MULTI
default n

What I expec this to do is to only ask the first question (RTE_CB_MULTI)
if RTE_CB_NB85E is true and otherwise just assume true -- this part
seems to work correctly -- but to _always_ ask the second question
(RTE_CB_MULTI_DBTRAP) as long as its dependencies are true.

However, what happens in practice is that the second question is only
displayed if the first question is displayed (the resulting actual value
of RTE_CB_MULTI_DBTRAP is whatever value it had before I entered the

So... is this a bug? If not, is there some other way I can have a
question [a] depend on another question [b], where [b] is optional
(defaulting to y), but [a] is not?


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