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Subject2.5 strange lockups

under 2.5.65 on an uniprocesor p4 1.5ghz with 128mb ram with xfree4.2.x
with debian testing/unstable while updating and configuring packages
(what dselect does) the load increases enormously, the scenario is as
1. [dselect] unpacking replacement <some package>
2. mouseclicks on an x-terminal get sluggish
3. xmms stops playing
4. i am still able to click on _some_ of the open x-terminals, they
respond normally
5. the x-terminals freeze, after a few seconds the mouse freezes
6. the computer is frozen, the keyboard leds do not blink on pressing
numlock etc
7. After about 6-8 seconds everything comes back to normal

The load ('w' command) goes up to 4.

I was doing totally the same with 2.4.20, with no problems at all.

Maciej Soltysiak
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