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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix waitqueue leak in devfs_d_revalidate_wait
Andrew Morton wrote:
> It seems to work OK now, but there are a few small incompatibilities with the
> current devfs. People need to make adjustments to their initscripts, or to
> untar a tarball-of-device-nodes into smalldevfs at boot time.

I assume smalldevfs is what you get when you configure devfs in 2.5.64-mm8?
It works fine for me, on smp with debian testing. I changed nothing
at all, and noticed that devfsd didn't run. But it don't seem necessary,
it seems to work even without those compatibility symlinks.

> Adam is disinclined to address these administrative incompatibilites in his
> user-space tools. smalldevfs is presently at risk of getting dropped out.

Please continue, it works and I understand the code is an improvement.
I'll begin testing on my work pc too.

Helge Hafting

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