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SubjectRe: process resident in memory

> Yes, but he didn't know what was available in user-mode.
>>Well i guess i couldn't explain what i really meant.
>>Thing is that i am trying to change kernel memory management
>>specifically for one user process only.
>>i.e if kernel sees this process it will treat it in a different manner.
>>It won't let it to be swapped and give a very high priority to it.
>>I just wondered the possiblity of this.
>>Sorry for my poor english
> You want to execute:
> man mlockall
> man nice

first of all i don't have chance to modify the process' code.
the thing mlockall does is exactly what i am trying to do
(at least a part of it).

So your answer is he couldn't know about user-mode so it is not possible.
What if kernel forks that process or somehow its process id is informed
to kernel?

- mersan


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