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SubjectRe: process resident in memory
Alex Riesen wrote:
> Mehmet Ersan TOPALOGLU, Tue, Mar 18, 2003 07:28:57 +0100:
>>I am a newbie in kernel programming.
>>And am sorry if something related previously asked.
>>I wonder if it is possible to following situation is possible or not.
>>let say i have a user process p1.
> That (user process) has nothing to do with kernel programming.
>>p1 does some malloc, and file i/o etc
>>i initiate it during boot time.
>>it stays resident in memory as if kernel it self (??)
> no. It is as long resident as it wish. Or until it is killed.
>>and its priority is very very high
> it is irrelevant.

Well i guess i couldn't explain what i really meant.
Thing is that i am trying to change kernel memory management
specifically for one user process only.
i.e if kernel sees this process it will treat it in a different manner.
It won't let it to be swapped and give a very high priority to it.
I just wondered the possiblity of this.
Sorry for my poor english

- mersan


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