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SubjectRe: [s390x] Patch for execve with a mode switch
> From: "BOEBLINGEN LINUX390" <>
> Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 16:20:37 +0100

> mm->free_area_cache can't cause any problems on s390x because it isn't
> used. [...]
> This patch is severly broken. It wouldn't even compile.

I am sorry, yes, please don't apply to 2.5. It is only needed
on later 2.4, which use the mm->free_area_cache (our old 2.4.9
works ok, but 2.4.20 doesn't).

I still think you are making a mistake defininig your own
arch_get_unmapped_area(), because: 1. sparc64 does it correctly
with the common code, so it can be done; 2. architecture
specific duplicates of common code may bitrot. But have it
your way, I won't resubmit, for the sake of staying aligned
with upstream.

-- Pete
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