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SubjectRe: [Ext2-devel] [PATCH] distributed counters for ext2 to avoid group scaning
>>>>> Matthew Wilcox (MW) writes:
MW> And then we have 3 of these (an additional 3k..). Per
MW> blockgroup. My 4GB / has 30 blockgroups; my 30GB /home has 232.
MW> So that's a little under 8 per GB. My _laptop_ has a 40GB drive,
MW> so that's on the order of 320 blockgroups -- almost an additional
MW> megabyte of ram consumed for these counters.


_one_ dcounter to maintain number of free blocks _per_ fs.
_one_ dcounter to maintain number of inode blocks _per_ fs.
_one_ dcounter to maintain number of dirs _per_ fs.

3 dcounter per fs. no more.

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