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Subject[2.5.6x][PROBLEMS] - Panics relating to IRQ mishandlings and Timer releases
Has anyone been having IRQ mishandling problems in the later 2.5.6x kernels? 

My poor IBM seems to be panicing randomly with system calls to irq functions.

1) Panic on sending a 1.3GB file from other PC to the IBM while sound blaster
was playing some mp3s

2) The IBM Panics when I turn on the PC next to it (NOT grounding problem) we
get a kernel panic with softirq and timers.

I know timers changed alot from 2.4 -> 2.5 but this problem is a showstopper
at least for me.

I first thought it was serial related but having the panic happen after
sending a large file makes me wonder if there's something broken with timers
and interrupt handling (whos not releasing that timer!).



Shawn Starr
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