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Subject[ANNOUNCE]:Squashfs1.2 released (compressed filesystem)
Squashfs1.2 has been released.

Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux 2.4.
It uses zlib to compress files, inodes, and directories. All blocks
are packed to minimise the data overhead, and block sizes of between
4K and 32K are supported. It is intended to be used as a filesystem for
archival use and in embedded systems where low overhead is needed.

1.2 has added append capability to Mksquashfs. This means that new files
and directories can be added to pre-existing filesystems without
needing to rewrite the original data. For large filesystems this can be of
major benefit. Because mksquashfs peforms duplicate checking against the
original filesystem, it means that updated directories can be appended over
time, and only the changed files will take extra space. The unchanged files
will be detected as duplicates, and will share data. This exhibits a basic
versioning capability.

Squashfs1.2 is available from


Phil Lougher

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