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SubjectRe: 2.5 XFree and nvidia geforce.
On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 05:44:00PM -0500, wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2003 20:40:50 +0100, Ducrot Bruno said:
> > One of the main issue for me (I don't want flame please) is
> > that it kill acpi and/or apm. Since it's more important for
> > for me to get suspension working, I can not use any
> > drivers provided by nVidia unless of course they implement
> No flames intended - I just have different requirements than you do,
> and suspending hasn't been an issue for me, and I've not bothered
> trying to get it to work.
> I've seen a workaround posted for the nvidia suspend issue - the trick was to
> configure a suspend script that apmd/whatever would call, and include
> a '/usr/bin/chvt 1' in it. So on the way down, it would change off the
> nvidia-controlled VT, and all would be well.

No. I spoke for a missing function in the binary part (was present
in 15.., but removed in 20.. and 28..) )...

> > BTW, XFree4.3.0 is out, and your GeForce is supported.
> Oh, the free driver has "supported" the card for ages. My point was that (a)
> the free driver isn't 2-d accelerated as much as the NVidia driver (the 'nv'
> free driver can average 10-15% CPU by itself, and the 'nvidia' closed driver
> only 1-2% while feeling much quicker), and (b) the NVidia driver "just works"
> in finding the video port on the docking station when I'm docked - the 'nv'
> free drivers would find the LCD screen fine and not find the docking port
> video.

... and seem that this function is now reintroduced in the lasted
release in the nvidia binary. I guess that more work has to be
done, though, but I consider that my really lastest complain
about the binary driver from nvidia go now to /dev/null.


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