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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] BK->CVS (real time mirror)
Larry McVoy <> writes:

>use of BK, forget about it. Sales in this product space are made at
>the CEO/CTO/VP level and I can assure you they don't read this mailing
>list, they don't read slashdot, and if they did they would view what
>we are doing as too risky. I tend to agree with them.

>So what's the part of the "deal" that benefits BitMover?

Sales in this product space are made by CEO/CTO/VP level after their
engineers, which will have to use the product later did evaluation and
investigation of a product. No (rotm) CEO/CTO/VP will ever _use_ this
product. He will buy whatever got recommended by the engineers because
they have to use it.

And they _do_ read the mailing lists / Slashdot.

You're throwing up smoke screens again. Larry, please try to be honest
once. It is no bad thing that you lobby your (obviously fine) product
by giving it away for free for kernel development. Why don't you
simply admit it and be proud of it? Why do you try to be "more holy
than holy?"

Your hidden agenda is showing once again quite clearly.


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