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SubjectRe: AGP 3.0 for 2.4.21-pre5
I did. If I patch the kernel, my compiling procedure is always as follows:

make clean
make mrproper
make menuconfig
make dep
make modules
make bzlilo
make modules_install
shutdown -r now

The module loads fine. In /var/log/messages there are reports of
detecting AGP 3.5 compatible hardware, but as I said, X just won't start
properly and will report AGP 4X mode.

I checked /proc/driver/nvidia, and it reports AGP 8X hardware and

I was thinking, I have not tested the nvidia kernel module with the 2.5
kernel. There is an unofficial patch for getting it to compile. I might
give it a try to see if it works, but that won't happen soon.

If anyone wants to give it a try, visit:

Toplica Tanaskovic wrote:
> Dana nedelja 16. mart 2003. 17:54 napisali ste:
>>I tested it with my NVidia GeForce 4 Ti4200 with AGP8X. No luck for me
>>yet. X is still reporting AGP 4X in the log, I get garbage on the screen
>>and my PC locks up.
>>I am not sure if this has something to do with the NVidia driver for X,
>>or just a bug in your module/backport.
> You have to run make clean first, or faster way go to
drivers/char/agp/ and
> delete any .o files, and then do make modules...
> I'll have to figure out way to force compilation of agpgart if
only agp 3.0
> menu item was changed.

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