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SubjectRe: Tyan tiger 2466 mpx dual processor problem
Michiel Klaver wrote:

>My Tyan Tiger MPX 2466 mobo has two AMD Athlon MP 2400+ CPU's, but when running
>a standard RedHat or Debian Kernel (i686-smp) it will only recognize one CPU.
I'm using 2200+ same motherboard,
Debian Kernel-source-2.4.20, 19 and 18-SMP all recognized CPU

>When I build my own kernel (2.4.20) with athlon support (k7-smp) it will crash
>at boot time.
Not to me... will that be 2400+ bug?

>My problem is that I can only log-in remotely, and a console monitor is not
>(yet) available, so I have no clue about error messages... :(
>Lucky me to use the lilo -R option, so it will return to the default kernel
>after an APC reboot.
>What could cause this behaviour?
>What should be the BIOS settings for MPS (1.1/1.4)? APIC (on/off)?
I'm using 1.4 APIC on working find.
Hope that help.

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