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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] socket interface for IPMI
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I'd prefer a list of valid users, with root always allowed. I don't
know how easy this is with a sysctl, but it shouldn't be too bad, I
would think.

- -Corey

Louis Zhuang wrote:

|Hmmm, security is a big problem. I can not find an elegant way to do ACL
|because these is no "inode" in sockfs... But how about making only root
|be able to open IPMI socket like PACKET socket? Or else we can implement
|a sysctl to indicate the legal user of the IPMI socket.
|Any comments?
| - Louis
|On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 01:07, Corey Minyard wrote:
|>I agree, and I've thought hard about this in the past. The code looks
|>clean, and the design is straightforward. However, I have not figured
|>out how to handle security. In your implementation, anyone can open an
|>IPMI socket, which is a bad thing. I like that fact that administrators
|>can set the permissions on the device any way they like (so it can
|>belong to root, a maintenance user, ACLs can be used, etc.)
|>Any thoughts on that? Once that problem is solved, I would like to
|>include this.
|>- -Corey
|>Louis Zhuang wrote:
|>|Dear Corey,
|>| I'd like to propose a socket interface for IPMI. IMHO, IPMI is like a
|>|mini-network so it is natural to manipulate IPMI by socket. Following
|>|code demostrate the interface's usage.
|>|P.S. the patch is a quick and dirty implementation with full of holes,
|>|I'll refine it if you like to adopt it, so do not blame me at this time

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