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SubjectWeirdness with 2.4.20-ck4
So I tried out 2.4.20-ck4 on my server box, which continually leans
towards the experimental because, well, it seems to work fine.

For 13 days, everything was peachy. Then on the 14th morning I wake
up and dhcp3-server is not responding timely, since my laptop
is unable to acquire an IP address automatically. I serial in and
init has gone D and is eating 99.8% of the CPU.

Every single process under init was DEFUNCT!

New processes also were defunct as well, after being started. I guess
bash was somehow not affected when I logged in.

I can't provide a dmesg, since the machine eventually stopped responding
and I had to hard reboot it. But unless I know for sure what's going on
soon, I'll need to move back to a vanilla kernel or perhaps try out
2.4.20aa, without the rest of the 'desktop' tuning stuff that I don't
really make use of.

Sorry I can't give much info, except possibly my .config. You can get it
at If this happens again
I'll be sure to get some pstree output logged somewhere. (Would slabinfo
be useful too in this kind of situation?)


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