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SubjectRe: 2.4 PS/2 mouse problem
> I've just bought a new PS/2 mouse, and it works fine with 2.5, but in
> 2.4 it doesn't work properly if I move the mouse slowly.
> I've tried 2.4.20-pre5, 2.4.20, and 2.4.19, and get the same
> problems:
> In X, the mouse works fine as long as it's moved quickly, but trying
> to move it 1 pixel, for example, is almost impossible.
> From the console, cat /dev/psaux displays nothing, if I move the mouse
> slowly, no matter how far it's moved. Moving it quicky displays
> characters as expected.

OK, this was my fault :-)

In 2.5.X, psmouse_initialize is actually setting the resolution, etc,
whereas 2.4.X is just using the mouse's power on default. Adding:

Option "Resolution" "200"

to my X config file, seems to initialise the mouse in a similar way,
and it works fine.

Never noticed this with any other PS/2 mouse, though. Maybe this one
just has an unusual power-on default setting?

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