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SubjectAIC79xx driver on kernel 2.4.19

I'm prob. missing something really simple but I'm having probs with the
AIC79xx driver and an adaptec 29320R adapter.

Kernel: 2.4.19
aic drvr: aic79xx-1.1.0-source.tar.gz
drvr src: Adaptec web site
SCSI Adapter: Adaptec 29320R
Drives connected to U2W, UW and narrow connectors
connected to 32-bit PCI socket

The device presents itself as two adapters, the narrow/UW one (A) and the
U2W (B). The BIOS is set to use the B adapter to boot from. When the kernel
boots it ignores the BIOS preferences for boot order and binds scsi0 to
adapter A and scsi1 to adapter B. This is a problem as the main drives are
on the U2W adapter and the drives on the other adapter are generally
removable; net result is that I have to manually choose the boot device at


1. Is there anyway to make the kernel driver bind the adapters in a diff
order, .e.g: U2W as primary, UW/narrow as secondary, as in the BIOS

2. When I connect a "Maxtor Atlas 10K II U320" I get repeated debug screens
and it refuses to boot from the drive

any ideas?



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