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Subject2.4.20: ext3/raid5 - allocating block in system zone/multiple 1 requests for sector
I've just built an 800GB RAID5 array and built an ext3 file system
on it; on trying to copy data off the 200GB RAID it is replacing I'm
starting to see errors of the form:

kernel: EXT3-fs error (device md(9,2)): ext3_new_block: Allocating block in
system zone - block = 140509185


kernel: EXT3-fs error (device md(9,2)): ext3_add_entry: bad entry in
directory #70254593: rec_len %% 4 != 0 - offset=28, inode=23880564,
rec_len=21587, name_len=76


kernel: raid5: multiple 1 requests for sector 281018464

This is on an x86 which has been running fine on the smaller raid for
years (albeit Reiser); the array is built from 5 200GB Western Digi
IDEs on a mix of promise and HPT controllers (there are no IDE errors
visible). This is a straight 2.4.20 kernel.

The previous messages to the list with this form of error have suggested
the problem is related to >2TB arrays; but this one is a relative
tiny one.

Help greatly appreciated,

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