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SubjectRe: Linux-kernel-revision-control list (was: Re: Never ever use word BitKeeper if Larry does not like you)
I second that emotion.  Let's not lose track, though, of how the 
BitKeeper issue affects kernel development. Giving the BitKeeper
discussions their own home
achieves 2 things: keeps the kernel development list focused on kernel
development and gets the BitKeeper issues hashed out better by making
those its own separate forum.



Christian Daudt wrote:

>This BitKeeper subject resurfaces every week or so and probably accounts for
>5-10% of the linux-kernel mailing list traffic. While a terribly interesting
>topic to some - it really isn't about the kernel. Could someone be so kind as
>to create a linux-kernel-bitkeeper (or linux-kernel-revision-control) mailing
>list so that these discussions (which obviously are not going away) can have
>a proper home?
> cheers,
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