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Subjectip_check_sum problem

I am having problems computing the IP checksum with the th ip_fast_csum.
I would REALLY appreciate if any of you can help me.

This is the function I am using to compute the IP checksum.

void computeIPChecksum(struct iphdr* ip) {
printk("*** IP checksum (before) : %d\n", ip->check);

ip->check = 0; /* it must be pre-zero'd */
ip->check = ip_fast_csum((unsigned char *)ip, ip->ihl);

printk("*** IP checksum (after) : %d\n", ip->check);

Please notice that because I am not modifying the packet at all yet, I
get the same result. Well, I don't. I have no clue why.
Any thoughts?

Please, reply directly to
Thank you so much, in advance,


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