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SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone
On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 14:17, Horst von Brand wrote:
> The dependency among changes is a partial order, the sequence in which they
> were applied is one valid topological sort of that, and the only valid one
> known to the SCM. Asking the user to provide the complete dependencies is
> error prone at very best.
> > Assuming no ordering is wrong. But likewise, assuming the order in which
> > changes _happened_ to occur is also wrong,
> But much less so.
> > and _enforcing_ that is more
> > wrong.
> What else can you do?

You could at least allow changesets to be committed out-of-order if they
don't touch the same files _at_ _all_. Unless you're going to do a
complete compile-and-regression test after every commit, you have no
business being anal about change ordering either.

I don't claim this is _easy_, merely that it's a requirement for me to
be happy with the thing.

I also _really_ miss the ability to 'pull' while there are uncommitted
changes in the checked-out tree. Especially since actually having
_committed_ certain one-line compile fixes makes all my _real_ changes
depend on them, etc...


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