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    SubjectRe: BitBucket: GPL-ed KitBeeper clone
    Daniel Phillips <> said:


    > You confused semantic dependencies with structural dependencies that
    > govern whether or not deltas conflict in the reject sense. Detailed
    > reply is off-list.

    In both cases hand fixup is needed. The "overlapping patch" partial order
    is a (small, or even very small) subset of the "depends on" partial order
    which you really want. It would be nice to be able to get a much better
    approximation than "conflicting patch" automatically, but I fail to see
    how. Giving dependencies by hand is a possibility, but it will most of the
    time give as bad an approximation as the above (Do you really know _all_
    patches on which your latest and greatest depends? Some (or even most) of
    them will be old patches, that by now will be just part of the general
    landscape. And this can happen even with direct dependencies: Think of
    "disabling IRQs doesn't ensure mutual exclusion" or some such pervasive
    change that will affect a small part of any patch, and now move an old
    patch forward...).
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