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SubjectRe: [PATCH] concurrent block allocation for ext2 against 2.5.64
>> On the quad Xeon (after increasing dirty_ratio and dirty_background_ratio so
>> I/O was negligible) I was able to measure a 1.5% improvement.
>> I worry about the hardware you're using there.
> Why? The adapter is "vaguely modern" (actually acquired as part of a
> hunt for an HBA w/a less buggy driver) but the box and disks and so on
> are still pretty ancient, so the absolute numbers aren't useful.
> To get a real comparison we'd have to compare spindles, HBA's, and
> cpus, and attempt to factor them out. The disks are actually only
> capable of doing 30MB/s or 40MB/s, the buses can only do 40MB/s, and
> the cpus are 700MHz P-III's. Where dbench gets its numbers faster than
> wirespeed I have no idea...

You'd also have to stop sending all your IO over a NUMA backplane ...

> This locking issue may just need more cpus to bring out.

More than 32 CPUs? Hmmmm.

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