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SubjectRe: [patch] NUMAQ subarchification
On 15 Mar 2003, James Bottomley wrote:

> It is the place designed for code belonging only to one subarch.
> > Last time I looked (and I don't think anyone has fixed it since)
> > it requires copying files all over the place, making an unmaintainable
> > nightmare. Either subarch needs fixing first, or we don't use it.

I agree that duplicating files into different subarch dirs sure isn't the
way to go.

> The problem you have (your setup.c and topology.c are identical to the
> default) was originally going to be solved using VPATH. Unfortunately,
> that got broken along the way in the new build scheme, so the best I
> think you can do is add this to the summit Makefile

I think VPATH has never been meant to be used for anything like this, it
could be make to work, though it would interfere with the separate src/obj
thing. But I don't think it's a good idea, we'll have object files
magically appear without any visible source file, that's just too obscure.

I can basically see two options at this point:

> $(obj)/setup.c: $(src)/../mach-default/setup.c
> cat $< $@

Something like this, but using ln -sf would be nicer, since that avoids
someone editing the wrong file by mistake.


Make the build enter mach-default always. However, make compilation of
setup.c and topology.c conditional on CONFIG_X86_DEFAULT_SETUP and
CONFIG_X86_DEFAULT_TOPOLOGY (or combine those two into one config
variable). Then, you'll have to deal with those two variables explicitly
from Kconfig. Basically, set them to n for voyager and visws, y otherwise.

Yes, that means changing another line in Kconfig when you add a new
subarch, but that doesn't happen all that frequently. And it's sure better
than crashes on boot because your setup.c disappeared after a bk commit
and the build chose to use the mach-default one instead...


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