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SubjectRe: dual AMD MP 2000+ and ASUS A7M266-D problems
On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 23:12, Dale Harris wrote:
> 1 or 2 CPU with more than 1 DIMM, lucky to last 20 minutes, usually
> less.
> I have tried each of the four DIMMs individually, they all appear to be
> fine.
> So I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into what the problem might
> be. Is underclocking the chips all I can do?

The A7M266-D is infamously picky about the PSU, about the DIMM quality
and about the heat handling. Its one of the reasons I suspect that the
dual athlon didn't get AMD into the enterprise market - goes like a
rocket, requires space shuttle grade components and produces as much

I am using dual cpu and two dimms (ecc, registered). Contrary to the
docs I've never managed to get it stable with 3 dimms.

Also make sure you use a recommended PSU, many 400W PSU's don't
produce the right amount of power on the right voltage lines.


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