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Subject[PATCH][kconfig][i386] Fix help entry for processor type choice

this patch (against 2.5.64) moves the generic help of the "Processor family"
choice from the CONFIG_M386 option, adding some specific information about i386
processors to it instead.

Please consider applying.

arch/i386/Kconfig | 17 ++++++++++++-----
1 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

Kind regards,
Petr Baudis

--- linux+pasky/arch/i386/Kconfig Thu Mar 6 20:38:49 2003
+++ linux/arch/i386/Kconfig Sat Mar 15 21:34:16 2003
@@ -110,10 +110,7 @@
prompt "Processor family"
default M686
-config M386
- bool "386"
- ---help---
+ help
This is the processor type of your CPU. This information is used for
optimizing purposes. In order to compile a kernel that can run on
all x86 CPU types (albeit not optimally fast), you can specify
@@ -148,10 +145,20 @@

If you don't know what to do, choose "386".

+config M386
+ bool "386"
+ help
+ Select this for an x386 processor, that is AMD/Cyrix/Intel
+ 386DX/DXL/SL/SLC/SX, Cyrix/TI 486DLC/DLC2, UMC 486SX-S and NexGen
+ Nx586. Kernel compiled for this processor will also run on any newer
+ processor of this architecture, although not optimally fast.
+ If you don't know what processor to choose, choose this one.
config M486
bool "486"
- Select this for a x486 processor, ether Intel or one of the
+ Select this for an x486 processor, either Intel or one of the
compatible processors from AMD, Cyrix, IBM, or Intel. Includes DX,
DX2, and DX4 variants; also SL/SLC/SLC2/SLC3/SX/SX2 and UMC U5D or
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