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SubjectRe: VESA FBconsole driver?
Kendall Bennett wrote:

> The reason why it would nice is so that the VESA FBconsole driver (and in
> fact all the FBconsole drivers that use the real mode BIOS to set an
> initial display mode) can restore that mode correctly when an application
> exists and restores the console. Right now it is up to the application
> program to restore the console, as the kernel has absolutely no way to do
> it. If that program has not way to restore it (old SVGALib code for
> instance) or the application crashes, you are stuck with a black screen
> if you are using a framebuffer console. If the kernel knew how to call
> the BIOS to restore the mode, this problem could be completely eliminated
> and services could be provided to properly restore the system state

The bios isn't the way to go. Unless the bios coders puts an _ordinary_
linux kernel module in their eprom.

If the kernel knew how to restore the video state itself - that'd be
something. Go complain to those who keeps such knowledge secret.
And no, they won't risk their company on providing such information.
Setting the modes is such a tiny little piece of what a graphichs
card do. (Providing full information on how to program the
accelerator chips wouldn't kill them either...)

Helge Hafting

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