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Subject[PATCH][FIX] kiocbClear should use clear_bit instead of set_bit
Just an obvious fix.
The kiocbClearX macros were doing a set_bit !
They should be calling clear_bit.
Ran into this now that I'm actually using kiocbClearKicked.


diff -ur linux-2.5.62/include/linux/aio.h linux-2.5.62-aio/include/linux/aio.h
--- linux-2.5.62/include/linux/aio.h Tue Feb 18 04:25:50 2003
+++ linux-2.5.62-aio/include/linux/aio.h Tue Mar 11 21:31:22 2003
@@ -37,9 +37,9 @@
#define kiocbSetKicked(iocb) set_bit(KIF_KICKED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
#define kiocbSetCancelled(iocb) set_bit(KIF_CANCELLED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)

-#define kiocbClearLocked(iocb) set_bit(KIF_LOCKED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
-#define kiocbClearKicked(iocb) set_bit(KIF_KICKED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
-#define kiocbClearCancelled(iocb) set_bit(KIF_CANCELLED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
+#define kiocbClearLocked(iocb) clear_bit(KIF_LOCKED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
+#define kiocbClearKicked(iocb) clear_bit(KIF_KICKED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
+#define kiocbClearCancelled(iocb) clear_bit(KIF_CANCELLED, &(iocb)->ki_flags)

#define kiocbIsLocked(iocb) test_bit(0, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
#define kiocbIsKicked(iocb) test_bit(1, &(iocb)->ki_flags)
Suparna Bhattacharya (
Linux Technology Center
IBM Software Labs, India

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